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Free Meditation

Escape with me to a happy place 

In this free meditation you will..

Escape to a warm, sunny beach, a beautiful meadow with wild flowers, and a cozy cabin with a roaring fire for a few minutes to unwind from the world.

Sleeping on a hammock on the beach

My Mission

I want to help you imagine a place where you can escape from your worries and stresses, and feel completely relaxed, happy, and free. By visualising this scenario, you can tap into the power of your mind and hold onto those positive emotions when you return to the real world.

So come on this journey with me

So why not create a vision?

Take some time to practice visualising something that brings you joy, knowing that you have the ability to do so. Knowing that then you have the power to visualise the life you desire, the goals you want to achieve, or envision overcoming a challenge. Understand that your mind is capable of taking you to these places, and what you imagine, the universe works to bring into reality!

Practice now for free

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Who am I

I am a clinical hypnotherapist and transformational life coach trained in the methods of world-renowned therapist Marisa Peer. I am passionate about helping people  to live the lives they want to and to be who they want to be. I wasted so many years wondering what was wrong with me, hating myself and wondering why I couldn't progress my life or create the life I wanted for me and my children. It was only when I discovered the Rapid Transformational Methods of Marisa Peer that I was able to fully understand what had been holding me back, overcome them and really start to enjoy life. So don't waste time and use my experience and expertise to move your life forwards in the way that you want to.

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