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​My vision is to transform lives by helping:

  • Children and adults with self-confidence, self-worth, anxiety, overcoming issues, fears, challenges and blocks. So that they can transform their lives and reach their full potential.​

  • Support parents on the parenting journey, with challenges or with child behavioural issues

  • Resolve fertility blocks enabling the parenting journey to begin

  • Making people of all ages Feel Heaps Better  and able to enjoy life


Rebecca Heap
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Do you want to

Feel Heaps Better

My mission is to use rapid transformational methods to help you get where you want to be as quickly as possible. So that you can live a life you love.

Let nothing hold you back

What I offer

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You were born with an abundant amount of self-confidence, self-worth, self-esteem and self-respect, your superpowers. So why don't you feel like that today? Well, life has a habit of eating away at it. So why not regain these superpowers, become unstoppable and feel heaps better? Don't waste any more of your life reignite your powers, find your inner brilliance and your life will feel and be a lot happier.

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Are you looking to achieve a goal or overcome a challenge? You want to get rapid results, start reaping the benefits and live the life you desire. Let's get you there and eliminate all that is blocking your way. 

We will have you feeling heaps better about life in no time.

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Are you concerned about your fertility, pregnancy, birth or beyond? Well, we can discover what hidden blocks or beliefs are getting in your way and where they were derived. Clearing them to free you and improve your journey into parenthood.

Are you struggling with your child's behaviour or not having the parenting journey you dreamed of? Use my years of childcare experience and training to rectify that and get the parenting journey you desire.

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