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About me and the methods I use

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Hi, my name is Rebecca Heap, also known as Becca. I am a clinical hypnotherapist and life coach. I suffered as a child, teenager, and adult. I spent years trying to figure out why my life didn't feel right. I felt like something was wrong with me. I was my own worst critic, feeling like a failure in everything I did and thinking very little of myself. In fact, I didn't like myself much at all! I tried retreats, read self-help books, and did a year of psychotherapy sessions, but nothing made me feel right. It wasn't until I came across the Rapid Transformational Therapies of Marisa Peer that I found the answers I was looking for. These methods really helped and resonated with me, giving me the knowledge of what had been holding me back and making me feel the way I did. With this knowledge came the power to change all that, and it did. I suddenly felt free to be myself, to get on with life, and I started to really be who I was meant to be. I enjoy life so much more now. RTT and RTC transformed my life, and I have since trained in these methods to provide others with their own transformations. 

My mission now is to help others live the lives they want, to reach their full potential and to love the life they live.

We all have it in us. It is just life that eats away at us! Life is to short to stay stuck and to not enjoy. So don't waste time and do something about your life so you can live without any regrets. It is not always an easy decision to put yourself first, but by doing so, you don't just better your life but you better the lives of those you love too.

Let's chat and get your life moving forward in the way that you want it to so that you can love life too.

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Methods used

I use the Rapid Transformational Methods developed by world-renowned

therapist Marisa Peer to quickly get my clients the results they desire. Rapid

Transformational Therapy (RTT) is a form of hypnosis and Rapid Transformational

Coaching (RTC) is a form of life coaching. Both get phenomenal results. Whilst

RTT sees the client go into a state of deep relaxation RTC doesn't. I can then add in

my years of childcare experience and personal experiences to add additional value.

All sessions are tailored to the client's individual needs and requirements. Watch the videos for more information

Marisa Peer founder of RTT

Marisa Peer

How many sessions will I need?

With RTT most issues can be dealt with in one session, although some more complex issues may require 2-3 sessions. We must deal with one issue at a time and therefore if you have multiple issues you wish to resolve you would need a session for each. We also need to have 21 days between sessions, as we give adults and older children a recording to listen to for 21 days after each session. It is very important that you listen to this 15-20 minute recording for the full 21 days for the full effect.

With RTC the minimum I offer is three sessions for small issues, but for best results, it is best to do a minimum of 6 sessions. Within the 6 sessions, we will have worked on moving you towards your original goal but should other goals arise on the way they may need to be dealt with separately.

It is also possible to blend RTC and RTT sessions into your package as every package is tailored to your needs and what you are working towards. In this case, it is best to do the RTT session on either the second or third session.

Can children do RTT

Children are very receptive to RTT, it works incredibly well and children as young as 3 can have a session. We use a slightly different approach and reduce the session time. For more information and prices please do get in touch.

Work with me

I can work with you wherever you are. I do online sessions as working with me online is as phenomenally effective as in person. You can do it from the comfort of your own home. In-person sessions can also be arranged if within easy travelling distance.


"Before I started working with Rebecca, I was in a period of my life where I felt like I was wandering aimlessly, like a lost puppy trying to find its way home. I was overwhelmed, stressed, and completely lacking in focus. I had a million things on my to-do list, but no idea where to start. It was like trying to untangle a ball of yarn, but the more I pulled, the more knotted it became.

But then I met Rebecca, and everything changed. She helped me to see that the knots were not the problem, but rather the limiting beliefs and self-doubt that were holding me back. With her guidance and support, I was able to unravel the tangle of my thoughts and emotions, and begin to see things with a new perspective.

And the best part? Rebecca made the process fun and light-hearted. She had a way of putting me at ease, making me laugh, and helping me to see the joy and possibility in every situation. I never felt judged or criticised, but rather supported and encouraged every step of the way.

Now, I feel much more free and focused than before. I have a clear sense of direction and purpose, and I am excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. I am more confident, more joyful, and more grateful at the same time.

I cannot recommend Rebecca enough. She is an amazing coach, a wonderful human being, and a true inspiration. If you are feeling stuck, lost, or overwhelmed, reach out to her. I promise, she will help you find your way home."

- Manuel 

- Roma

"Becca has brought so much clarity and energy in my life within the process of a 3 sessions coaching package. The RTC coaching method is amazing because it provides real understanding and tools about how the brain works. I feel empowered and capable, I see myself behaving differently where I used to be stuck, and all of this happened so naturally and smoothly thanks to Becca's listening and insightful guidance. I feel thankful and transformed."

- Aline

"When going into the session with Becca I was very sceptical about what would happen and whether it would help me at all. Becca spoke me through the whole process, reassured me and made me feel very comfortable. I can definitely see a difference with my anxiety since seeing Becca. Thank you so much!" 

- Megan

"I am a 16-year-old school girl in my GCSE year.  I wouldn’t say I suffer with nerves or anxiety particularly but with exams looming and being so important, it was suggested I look for some additional help. Becca Heap was recommended to my Mum. I saw Becca and I found the session fascinating.  Becca is so calm and professional she put me at my ease straight away as I didn’t really know what to expect. She made me feel so relaxed. Becca explained everything and the potential benefits of her sessions, giving me a plan moving forward, which I have stuck to. I really think this has helped me as I feel confident knowing I can use the techniques to overcome any nerves. Becca can only help, you have nothing to lose trying this therapy and everything to gain."

- Grace

"I can’t thank Rebecca enough for her kindness, patience, knowledge and expertise. During my six weeks working with her, I felt like a cloud was lifting and I could see things much more clearly and positively than before. Rebecca helped me identify the thoughts and patterns of behaviour that were holding me back and also identify how events in my past have informed the person I am today, but that I have a choice whether or not to take these things into my future. Rebecca helped me to let go of the things and parts of me that are no longer serving me and focus on how to move forward with a more positive and confident attitude. I feel better equipped to deal with challenges now and also push myself to achieve the things I want in my career.

Thank you so much, Rebecca"

- Emily

"Having my RTT session with Becca was an amazing experience. I was able to open up and talk about situations that I struggle to talk about on a day to day basis. Becca was able to talk me through scenarios and encourage me to say what I could see and describe how I was feeling. Since my session with Becca I have been a lot better with pain management and I feel like I am more in control of not just the problem but my life in general. A few times I got emotional, Becca continued the session at my pace and never made me feel like I was silly for the way I felt.

I would definitely love to have another session."

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